Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

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Bright Yellow 

Net Weight : 5G/.18oz

Water Activated EyeLiner 


1.Open Jar and add a few drops of water to the Lid of the jar. DO NOT POUR WATER DIRECTLY INTO JAR!


2.Wet Your Brush With the water you placed on the lid. Only use water to activate the eyeliner. Do Not Add anything else as it can ruin the product or you may not get the same results.


3.Once you have wet your brush dip it in the eyeliner and begin mixing the eyeliner until you get a smooth consistency.



4.Apply the eyeliner as desired on face or body (not recommended for the waterline area of the eye as this product is water Activated and can smudge if applied to waterline.


5.Allow the product to fully dry


6.YASS DONE ✅SLAY YOUR LOOK! ,(Tag us in any pictures wearing the eyeliner for a repost)


7.Before putting the product away please allow a few minutes or hours for the product to fully dry.